Paris Jackson Is The New Face of KVD Beauty



Paris Jackson has been crowned the new face of KVD Beauty, as the brand celebrates the arrival of the Tattoo Pencil, which was inspired by the brand’s #1 liquid liner and is now available in a silky-smooth gel pencil.

“As an artist, I was immediately drawn to KVD Beauty for their commitment to artistry and self-expression, both of which are huge parts of my personal identity,” Jackson tells ESSENCE about her first-ever beauty collaboration. “I also appreciate how the brand brings tattoos and cosmetics together in such a beautiful way.” 

The actress and model says that she is really excited to work with the KVD brand because they are not afraid to push the envelope. “Everything about their ethics lines up with mine when it comes to celebrating artistry. Obviously, because of the tattoos, but it’s also it’s 100% vegan, cruelty-free, and celebrating diversity, but I feel like it’s an organic relationship between me and the brand because we agree on so many things,” she says.

“Paris exemplifies so much of what KVD Beauty stands for – kindness, discovery, and individuality, to name a few,” said Tara Loftis, KVD Beauty Global Vice President of Marketing and PR. “As graceful as she is beautiful, we are so excited to be partnering with such an inspiring, powerful woman as our new brand ambassador and the face of Tattoo Pencil Liner. We know this partnership will be a great success, and there’s no one we’d rather work with than Paris for this exciting journey.”

The new Tattoo Pencil Liner is a long-wear gel eyeliner with a dramatic matte finish and a high-impact pigment that glides on smoothly so you can line, smudge, or get graphic with your look. For all-day wear on the lid or waterline, this multi-purpose pencil is waterproof, transfer-resistant, and fade-resistant.

According to Jackson, she loves all of the colors of the 10 matte shades that were inspired and named from historical pigments including Pyrolusite Brown (cool brown), Axinite Brown (warm brown), Magnetite Gray (smoke gray), Verdetta Green (deep emerald), Violet Hematite (antique violet), Diox Purple (bold amethyst), Madder Red (rust red), Azurite Blue (vibrant cobalt), Blue Ashes (intense sapphire) and the brand’s iconic Trooper Black (ultra-black).

The daughter of a pop phenomenon, Jackson has appeared on the covers of numerous national and international fashion magazines, demonstrating her global appeal and familiarity with glam aesthetics. Jackson is a rising star in the music industry, with her lovely dark vocal tracks and unique beauty style of a smokey, enticing eye.


“I first fell in love with eyeliner in probably seventh or eighth grade,” she reveals. “I was really into bands like Motley Crew and Def Leppard. The glam rock era of the eighties — and all of those had really cool eyeliner looks and I wanted to be just like them.” She continues, “So I would put an excessive amount of eyeliner on and then learn how to tone it down a little bit in the last few years.”

We’re taking notes because Jackson was pretty upfront about her on-stage glam routine. “I usually keep my skin free of foundation and concealer for the most part, but I use a lot of KVD beauty,” she shares. “There’s the KVD Beauty’s ModCon Liquid-Gel Contour that comes in like a little bottle I just smear that in, I use a little bit more of that than I normally do day-to-day. Then, on top of the top eyeliner, I also add some on the waterline as well. I’ll do like brown on top and then smudge some on the bottom.”

When we asked if makeup had a role in her image, Jackson stated emphatically that makeup is merely an expression.

“I think what makes me who I am is what makes everybody who they are— and that’s what’s on the inside. If we want to further express ourselves with how we dress and how we put makeup on, that’s great. That’s kind of like a plus, but I think what makes us is how we treat other people, our perspectives, and our thought processes.”

KVD Beauty Tattoo Pencil Liner ($22) in 10 shades will be available online at and in-store and on April 12, 2022.

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