This Mega-Fashion Influencer Hipped Us To The Best Fashion Accounts On Tik Tok


Whether you have made the move to join Tik Tok or not yet, we can ensure that the best content creators in the game, probably along with some of your favorites, are already on the platform. While you can still find fashion inspiration on other outlets like Instagram, content creators are likely to share more in-depth and a wider variety of content on the video-only platform.

Take fashion influencer Tenicka Boyd for example, she has a following of over 400K followers on Instagram, and has garnered a following of 350K+ on Tik Tok. Although Boyd is a direct source for style tips and where to shop for the latest and hottest fashion items, the NYC-based entrepreneur is still inspired and informed by other users on Tik Tok.

Given that Boyd is an expert on traveling in style, destination looks, and how to maximize the use of pieces in your wardrobe, we knew she would be the perfect person to ask about the best fashion accounts to follow on Tik Tok. Considering her premium content, we know if Boyd is impressed, then it’s guaranteed to be worth tuning into. 

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We connected with Boyd to find out who is behind the best fashion accounts to follow on Tik Tok and why they are her favorite – see ahead.


“@kiitana was one of the first people I followed on Tik Tok! She does everyday fashion with humor and personality. And she makes me feel like we’re besties!”


“@TrendyCurvy is just one of my all time fav creators on any app. She’s so engaging and interesting and really representing all body types.”


“@afro_child will have you daydreaming of beaches everyday with her incredible wardrobe of resort-wear. She’s definitely the fabulous cousin you want to escape with.”


“@pierrahh is just all things cool and fun and fashion forward. She’s what’s next and what’s now and I just love her youthful and glam style.”


“@gezellerenee has the most beautiful aesthetic. There is something so idyllic about her vlogs and she’s always wearing such incredible clothes.”


“@styleofcatalina is funny and fun. I love how her style reflects that. She also always has really bomb accessories and hairstyles.”



“@simimoonlight is a gem of a human being. Her style is so colorful and warm. And she just invites you into her world in such a lovely way. Her videos bring me so much joy.”


“@thejenniejenkins mixes high-street and high-end brands that bring forth an incredible sense of style. No one really does it quite like the UK Black girls – not to mention she’s a lovely human.”


“@almighty_nigerian does menswear in such a fresh and exciting way. I love his outfits of the day and his hilarious commentary.”


@wisdm8 is the GOAT. His videos are like art. He has such a Rick Owens and Margiela flair to him. His style is so futuristic and creative. He captivates me every time.”


“@mikaela.pabon is a mom, designer and fierce content creator, who I relate to in many ways. She’s doing some of the best colorful fashion content out there.”


“@chelseaasoflate is the thrifting queen of New York! She takes nothing and turns it into something with bold hues and incredible patterns.”


“@ieshathegr8 is such a star! She shows us how to repurpose our clothes and shop our closets in all the best ways.”


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