Natti Natasha Opens Up About Raphy Pina Going to Prison & Calls It a ‘Nightmare’

Natti Natasha on the arrest of her fiancé Raphy Pina, the CEO of Pina Records.

Natti Natasha is speaking out on the arrest of her fiancé Raphy Pina, the CEO of Pina Records. Last week, the music executive was sentenced to 41 months in prison after being found guilty on two charges of illegal possession of firearms.

During an interview with Santiago Matías, better known on the radio as Alofoke, she spoke from her home in Miami about how she’s feeling now that she knows the father of her daughter, Vida Isabelle, will be locked up for more than three years.

When asked how she felt when the judgment was passed, Natti Natasha was quick to say it was “horrible.” And she followed that up by saying it was like a “nightmare.” She also added, “But I know who he is. I trust Raphy Pina’s innocence 100 percent. For that reason, it is horrible. It is not the same to see it on television or in a movie.”

She also said that she will “push forward,” something she learned from Pina himself. She admits that she was nervous on the day he was going to be sentenced, but stayed strong for Pina, so he knew that she would be able to handle the situation.

“It’s time to focus on the positive and work,” she said. “We have many blessings, we have Vida, our family, the empire we have built.”

Initially, Pina, who was the manager of Daddy Yankee and Natti Natasha, was facing up to 20 years of prison for “one count of possessing an automatic weapon and one count of possessing firearms by a person convicted of a felony.”

Watch the entire Natti Natasha interview with Alofoke below:


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