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Explore the Czech Republic Considered one of the most beautiful countries in Eastern Europe, the Czech Republic was formed in early 1993, formerly part of Czechoslovakia. A communist state formerly under the influence of the Soviet Union, it has undergone rapid growth in the past few decades, and in 2006 became the first former Eastern Bloc state to be rated as a "developed country" by the World Bank.

Today, the Czech Republic is an increasingly popular destination for international study, with nearly 44,000 foreign students currently enrolled in its universities. EU statistics published in 2014 listed it as the 12th most popular destination for Erasmus students in Europe. Those who choose to study in the Czech Republic certainly have many advantages: well-regarded universities, affordable tuition and living costs, and last but not least, a vibrant and colorful cultural life.

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Universities in the Czech Republic

Dating back some 600 years, the Czech higher education system today consists of more than 70 universities, two-thirds of which are private institutions. A total of 18 universities in the Czech Republic feature in the top 300 of the QS EECA University Rankings 2018 – an exclusive ranking of the best universities in emerging Europe and Central Asia – and five of these are included in the QS World University Rankings® 2018.

Charles University

Charles University, the highest ranked university in the Czech Republic, is ranked fifth in the EECA rankings. It was founded in 1348 by Emperor Charles IV and is the largest university in the country with 17 faculties and about 49,200 students. It is a popular choice among international students traveling to the country, and its internationalization program currently has partnerships with nearly 200 universities worldwide. The medieval institution's campus is located in Prague, which only adds to its appeal. The Czech capital, very popular with tourists, offers an attractive and exciting setting with a variety of job opportunities.

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