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Cheap Universities in Mauritius: Not the most popular places to study abroad, however, Mauritius has one of the highest tertiary enrollment rates in Africa. An island paradise, Mauritius is home to numerous local and international educational institutions.

Cost of study plays a very important role when deciding to study abroad. In this article, we are going to discuss cheap and affordable universities in Mauritius to help students understand how much money they have to spend to study in Mauritius.

The cost of tuition makes up the bulk of the costs of studying abroad. We have provided the cost of living and all other variables that comprise your final cost of  Study in Mauritius as an international student who wants to study in Mauritius.

Best Affordable and Cheapest Universities in Mauritius
As reported earlier, we are writing about the most affordable universities in Mauritius for candidates who wish to study in the country.

University of Mauritius
University of Technology, Mauritius
Open University of Mauritius
Curtin University - Mauritius Campus
Middlesex University Mauritius
University of Mauritius
Established in 1965, the University of Mauritius is a public university and the National University of Mauritius is located in Reute, Moga. The university is the oldest and largest university in the country in terms of student enrollment and courses offered. The university is divided into several faculties that offer various courses to students who wish to study in the university. Faculties at the University of Mauritius include the Faculty of Agriculture, Faculty of Engineering, Faculty of Information, Communication and Digital Technology, Faculty of Law and Management, Faculty of Oceanographic Studies, Faculty of Science and Faculty of Social Studies and Humanities.

Cost of Studying in the University of Mauritius: For the benefit of our readers, we have provided the cost of studying at the University of Mauritius at the graduate and undergraduate levels for international students who want to study in cheap universities in Mauritius. Candidates can check below links. Know more about the University of Mauritius from its officials

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