The Wheel of Time

Take a magical first look at Amazon's new fantasy that hopes to fill the G.O.T. void


An adventure this epic cannot be contained much longer. The Wheel Of Time premieres November 19th on #AmazonPrimeVideo


"Wheel of Time is the first fantasy series that really dove into the political and cultural worlds of all these different characters," Judkins says of the insanely popular and lengthy books. "It was also one of the first to dive into multiple POV characters, so you're following an ensemble, with each of them having their own agendas and approaches to everything. That's always felt to me like the missing piece of the fantasy-literature landscape that hasn't been brought to TV or film yet."


The Wheel of Time also differentiates itself from those other big-name franchises in the way it highlights its female characters. While Middle-earth's most prominent heroine has to disguise herself as a man, and Westeros' few female conquerors are often facing threats of sexual violence, the world of WoT is essentially matriarchal. The largest kingdom in the novels' unnamed land is ruled by a queen who will pass her crown to her daughter rather than her son, and uneasy peace is maintained by the female-only mystic order known as the Aes Sedai.

"These are not just a bunch of princesses swanning around in pretty dresses," says series costume designer Isis Mussenden. "These are women doing jobs. They're taking care of the governance; they're taking care of healing."

The Wheel of Time's most prominent Aes Sedai is Moiraine, who rescues a handful of young villagers after monsters attack their community of Two Rivers. Though the group of new refugees doesn't trust her, "Moiraine is the guide figure in this world," explains Pike, "the mysterious stranger who comes to town and changes their lives forever. They leave with her on a journey that will either save or destroy humanity."


As of now Game of Thrones is still shooting its Prequel offering, House of the Dragon, for HBO so maybe these fierce fiery females of W.O.T can not only change the narrative of how women are protrayed in fantasy but also change our collective perspective on what we find entertaining.




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